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Hiking in Rocky Hill

Our health is always our first priority, so finding the best way to work out is really important. If you just move to Rocky hill, there are gyms like Princeton Fitness & Wellness and Hillsborough YMCA for you to go. But if you don’t want to pay for the monthly membership, hiking is always a great option for you. Luckily there are many places for you to go hiking around Rocky Hill, so please take a look at the list below and start arranging your exercise schedule.

Autumn Hill Reservation
This park is one of the secret gems around Rocky Hill, and it’s a lovely place for cycling or jogging or just to have a walk. This is also a great place for nature lovers, since it’s also a habitat of native plant species and home of lots of woodland animals. You might be surprised by how big this preserve is as it is so close to the town. It also has great sceneries for you to take pictures and lots of different plants for you to discover.

Van Horne Park
Van Horne park is a really peaceful place to walk and ride a bicycle. There is plenty of room to play, and two different play sets for the kids. It has a nice walkway and extensive open ground for getting the fresh air and sunshine. Sometimes if you are lucky, you can see some deer around on the grass. It also has fields for football, soccer and basketball.

D&R Canal Trail
D&R Canal Trail is a very nice trail for cycling or jogging. It has amazing water views on both sides, and you can even see lots of people kayaking in the rivers. For people who want a moment of serene and fresh air, this is the place to go. It also offers great fishing spots and roads for people running. If you are not afraid, you can even try to go off the path, the sceneries are also really pretty.

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