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Are you ready to move to Rocky Hill?

If you are tired of the fast pace of the city life and want to move somewhere with a chill pace while also enjoying the convenience of the big city, Rocky Hill in New Jersey might be a great place for you to check out. While the city doesn’t have a lot of people, it has everything you need.

In terms of food, Rocky Hill has tons of restaurants offering food from difference countries like Italian, Indian and Chinese etc. Especially if you are an Italian food lover, you will love living in Rocky Hill, because there are so many great restaurants opened by Italian families for you to discover. Their prices range is also wide for selecting. Rocky Hill has restaurant like Eno Terra for you to have a fancy night out, it also has restaurant like Alfonso’s Pizzeria Restaurant for you to have a cheap but tasty bite. For more information on food, you can check our next article: where to eat at Rocky Hill on Sunday .

For hiking and nature lovers, you will be surprised by how many parks and mountains around Rocky Hill you can discover. Animals are treated nicely by the people in Rocky Hill. Sometimes if you are lucky, you can even spot some deer around Van Horne Park. There are 150 species of birds and over ten rare or endangered plant species like majestic southern Twayblade orchid at Plainsboro Preserve for you to visit.

While there aren’t too many big shopping centers in Rocky Hill, but you can still go to Montgomery Shopping Center in Montgomery, which is about 10 mins away from Rocky Hill. Speaking of Montgomery, the Montgomery Township School District is a comprehensive public school district, consisting of five school facilities that severs students in pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade for both Montgomery Township and Rocky Hill, so it can save you a lot of efforts to locate schools.

Rocky Hill is a small city, but it has everything you need. If you are fond of chill and quite living style, Rocky Hill would be a great choice for you.

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