One of the best ways patients can select a facial plastic surgeon who can help them achieve their cosmetic goals is by looking through the doctor’s before-and-after photos. These images are designed to show what can be accomplished and reveal the physician’s skill—but not all of these pictures tell the truth. When it comes to nose surgery, it seems many unscrupulous plastic surgeons are using misleading images, or even stealing pictures from another doctor’s website. How can patients tell which rhinoplasty photos are accurate and which are suspicious? Dr. Eugenie Brunner provides some helpful tips: Ask the surgeon if he… Continue Reading

The nose is the most prominent feature on the face, which is why many people are interested in enhancing its proportions. Subtle changes to the size, shape, and angle of the nose can provide a noticeable improvement to one’s overall appearance. If you’re dissatisfied with the look or function of your nose, rhinoplasty from our skilled facial plastic surgeon may be right for you. Dr. Eugenie Brunner utilizes many techniques that can address a wide range of concerns; in fact, many patients are surprised to learn just how many characteristics can be modified using the latest methods. Nose surgery can… Continue Reading

As a prominent facial feature, the nose can garner a lot of attention. If you feel your nose is giving off the wrong impression, or if you are experiencing functional issues, you may be considering rhinoplasty to correct these concerns. Dr. Eugenie Brunner, our board certified facial plastic surgeon, has the skill and experience necessary to address a comprehensive range of cosmetic and functional nasal conditions. Some of the reasons patients cite for contemplating this procedure include dissatisfaction with the size, shape, or symmetry of the bridge, nasal tip, and/or nostrils. Additionally, many patients experience impeded airflow and breathing problems… Continue Reading

Advances in cosmetic injectables have made it possible to minimize common signs of aging and to achieve other aesthetic goals without the need for surgery. Can the same be true for rhinoplasty? Our board certified facial plastic surgeon reveals what a non-surgical nose job can and cannot do, and when it may be a better option to have nose reshaping surgery. Dermal fillers such as JUVÉDERM®, Restylane®, and Radiesse® have been used to alter the shape of the nose by adding volume. What this “Liquid Nose Job” cannot do, however, is reduce the size of the bridge, correct a deviated… Continue Reading

Whether you want to enhance the appearance of your face, improve the function of your nose, or both, rhinoplasty can offer a number of benefits. However, like all major surgeries, nasal surgery comes with certain risks. By understanding what the side effects and complications could be, you can become well informed about this operation and make the best possible decision for your needs and goals. To help shed light on the endeavor, our experienced facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Eugenie Brunner, will detail the risks during your initial consultation. Though rare, complications can occur, and being prepared can help to minimize… Continue Reading

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