November 2014

When first researching non-surgical facial rejuvenation, many patients believe they should choose one type of cosmetic injectable that best suits their area of concern. In most cases, however, patients experience a variety of bothersome issues that may require two or three different kinds of products to achieve the desired results. At our practice, Dr. Eugenie Brunner creates custom treatment plans designed to provide an exceptional outcome tailored to the unique requirements of each individual. There is an impressive assortment of cosmetic injectables available, each with innovative compositions and increasingly long-lasting benefits. They include dermal fillers, such as Radiesse®, JUVÉDERM VOLUMA… Continue Reading

There is a wide array of cosmetic injectables available, and each offers a distinctive benefit for patients. While it’s wonderful to have such a broad selection, the number of options can often be overwhelming for patients trying to determine which product is right for them. As this type of facial rejuvenation is the most popular non-surgical cosmetic enhancement, having a better understanding of what the specific formulas are designed to address can help individuals considering treatment. Our experienced facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Eugenie Brunner, will happily explain the finer details during consultation, but a quick overview can help to clarify… Continue Reading