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stock image of a woman smiling for a blog about Fraxel® Re:pair laser treatment in PrincetonIf you’re noticing that fine lines have become more moderate, skin laxity is beginning to develop, and sun damage is becoming more pervasive across your face and neck, you may wonder if it’s time to consider a facelift or another surgical enhancement procedure.

But Dr. Eugenie Brunner, our experienced facial plastic surgeon, believes that many common signs of aging, even moderate to severe symptoms, can be addressed effectively with the right laser treatments.

While our Fraxel® DUAL and Clear + Brilliant® lasers offer significant results for individuals with mild age and pigment-related concerns, the Fraxel® Re:pair is designed to address more advanced issues without requiring the downtime associated with an operation.

The Fraxel® Re:pair is an ablative CO2 laser, which means that some skin tissue located within the dermis (lower layer of skin) will be removed during the procedure to help stimulate cell regeneration and collagen production. More aggressive than the Fraxel® DUAL or the Clear + Brilliant® laser, the Fraxel® Re:pair can provide more comprehensive rejuvenation around the eyes, mouth, and neck, including mild skin tightening. Furthermore, the Fraxel® Re:pair can be utilized in combination with other modalities, including non-surgical treatments as well as surgical enhancements, to achieve the most youthful and natural-looking results possible.

Due to the advanced capabilities of the Fraxel® Re:pair laser, downtime typically will be slightly longer than with the other two lasers but shorter than with surgical procedures. In most cases, recovery will last between four and seven days. Maintaining the results often can be easily accomplished with occasional “touch-up” treatments with the milder non-ablative lasers. Dr. Brunner can customize a treatment plan that best suits your needs and goals during your initial consultation.

Reduce Signs of Aging with a Fraxel® Re:pair Laser Treatment in Princeton

For more information about Fraxel® Re:pair or any of our innovative laser, or if you would like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Brunner, please contact us today.