Fraxel® Re:pair Laser Resurfacing

The Fraxel Re:pair laser is a non-surgical enhancement that is the premier fractional ablative CO2 laser designed for treatment of wrinkles, sun damaged skin, texture irregularities, acne scarring, brown spots due to sun exposure and aging, and generalized redness. Just one treatment with the Fraxel Re:pair laser will provide smoother, tighter skin with less wrinkles and more even skin tone and texture. Best of all, it is great for smoothing wrinkles around your eyes, mouth and neck!

How the Fraxel Re:pair laser works

The Fraxel Re:pair laser uses fractionated or pixelated pinpoints of light to precisely treat thousands of microscopic areas of your skin. Its strength and depth of penetration into the skin can be varied according to your skin type, skin thickness, amount of sun damage, wrinkles, and acne scarring. Because the Fraxel treatment is very precise our facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Eugenie Brunner, is able to tailor the Fraxel treatment to your particular needs. The Fraxel treatment penetrates deep into the skin to remove old sun-damaged skin cells, and stimulates your body’s own natural healing process to form brand new skin cells along with new & stronger collagen. The newly produced collagen acts as a framework to strengthen and rejuvenate your skin. Just one Fraxel treatment provides you with fresh, glowing, healthy skin that is smoother, tighter and has less wrinkles and scars.

Fraxel Re:pair Results & Recovery

Soon after treatment, your skin will feel soft, look smooth, and have more even tone with less pigment irregularities. Over a period of two to six months, as the deeper layers of skin make new collagen, your skin will continue to tighten, and wrinkles will continue to smooth away. For most people, maximum results are obtained in one treatment session. Your results will continue to improve for up to six months.

Immediately following Fraxel treatment, your skin will have some degree of redness and swelling. This may last 4 to 7 days depending on the type of Fraxel treatment performed. Dr. Brunner will recommend bland emmollient moisturizers to help heal your skin quickly and safely. After one week, your skin will be minimally pink and any swelling present in the first several days will have resolved. Most people return to work and full social activities at this time. Because your skin will be sensitive, the use gentle moisturizers and face cleansers with minimal fragrance is recommended. After several weeks, Dr. Brunner will encourage the use of glycolic acid creams and/or Retin A products to further stimulate collagen formation and boost your results.

If you have mildly sun damaged skin with few fine wrinkles and mild pigment irregularity, Dr. Brunner can perform a more gentle Fraxel treatment with a recovery period of a long weekend or 3 to 4 days. If you have deep wrinkles, severe sun-damaged skin,and/or severe acne scarring, Dr Brunner may treat your skin with a Fraxel laser session that penetrates very deep into the skin. This can lead to a recovery with one week of social downtime. Occasionally, a second laser treatment may be necessary in areas of very deep wrinkles or scars after a period of six months. This second laser session may only be required in the area of severe wrinkling (e.g. around the mouth) instead of a full face treatment. The Fraxel Re:pair laser provides you the most effective treatment for improving wrinkles and crepy skin around the eyes, mouth and neck.

The Fraxel Re:pair laser treatment is an extremely effective, non-surgical way to tighten and brighten your skin, remove wrinkles and sun damage, and remove years from your appearance!

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COVID-19 Update & Curbside Skincare Pickup

To our lovely patients and friends, 

We are beyond thrilled to announce that beginning today, our office is open and ready to see patients for all appointment needs, including cosmetic! 

The wait is over and we are happy that we will be able to see you all again! To ensure your safety, we will be implementing new protocols that will protect all of our patients while at our office: 

  • Prioritizing Cleanliness: All rooms and high touch areas will be disinfected frequently. Disinfectants, hand sanitizer, and related supplies will be available to staff and patients at all times.Staff will open doors for all patients, and wash hands between each patient interaction. 
  • No ‘waiting rooms’: Patients will be asked to arrive when it is time for their appointment to avoid waiting. 
  • Staggered Appointments: We will be staggering the appointments to ensure adequate time to wipe down spaces in order to maintain a safe and clean environment. 
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We will continue to offer Virtual Appointments for all of our patients. Additionally, we will continue curbside pickup at our office for all your skincare needs! Patients should call 609.921.9497 or email us at or regarding the products they are interested in, and Kim or Melisssa will coordinate a curbside pickup for you!

We ask everyone’s full cooperation as we prepare to open under very special circumstances.

We look forward to welcoming you back into our office and promise to take every necessary precaution to care for you in a safe environment.


Dr. Brunner and the Entire Team! 


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