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East Windsor

East Windsor in Central New Jersey is a perfect township to live in if you’re looking for an affordable place close to the action. The township is conveniently located at the intersection of two large metropolitan areas — New York and Philadelphia, making it a commuter’s paradise.

For those who want to work inside their own community, East Windsor also has a wide range of options. Commercial development here speeded up significantly in the last years, attracting high-tech companies ready to invest in acres of farmland. Retail also experiences a boom, with local shops and restaurants opening all around the township. 

The East Windsor Township

Denizens of the East Windsor Township in NJ report that living here is comfortable and convenient. The city has everything one needs — well-maintained roads and highways allowing access to the larger metro areas, a robust public transportation infrastructure, a healthcare system, and public and private schools.

East Windsor is known for its large amount of preserved farm space which contributes to the beauty of the local scenery. If you’re looking for a place with a vibe of a big city and a country charm, East Windsor, NJ is your first choice. 

Dermatology and Plastic Surgery in East Windsor, NJ

Among the pristine farmlands, historical landmarks, and local businesses, there is a place that every East Windsor denizen knows and loves. Dr. Brunner’s office is the spot where everyone can receive the highest quality plastic surgery services and cosmetic injections.

Treatments offered

A double board-certified specialist, Dr. Brunner is highly regarded among the East Windsor community as a unique plastic surgeon with a personalized approach and genuine interest in what’s best for the patient. She covers every aesthetic need one might have with this extensive list of procedures:

Things To Do in East Windsor, NJ

Despite not having a large number of historical landmarks or tourist attractions, East Windsor remains one of the most visited townships in the region. Both tourists and people living here love this place for its abundance of activities. Come to East Windsor to:

  • Participate in the Annual Latino Festival. East Windsor has a large Latino population, creating a vibrant community. Once a year, at the end of July, this community gathers together to host a festival with traditional food, dance, music, and other activities.
  • Visit Lee Turkey Farm. One of the most unique farms for miles around, Lee Turkey Farm is the place to buy fresh, homegrown vegetables, honey, and, as the name implies, turkeys. In addition, the farm offers walking or hayride tours around the field.
  • Have a picnic or a walk at Etra Lake Park. Located right to Etra Lake, this park is one of the local favorites for picnics and family recreation. 

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