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Montgomery Township

Montgomery Township is the exact place that comes to mind when you think about relaxed suburban living. This relatively small residential community is a paradise for families with kids and everyone who is not a fan of big cities. 

Montgomery prides itself on being rural and agrarian, preserving at least one-third of its lands as pristine farmlands. The township is full of historic homes and buildings surrounded by beautiful, nearly untouched nature. 

The Montgomery Township

Located in Central New Jersey, Montgomery Township is often called one of the best places to live in the entire state. The township is highly rated when it comes to housing, education, and safety, making it a prime choice for families with kids. Montgomery Township is renowned as one of the safest and cleanest townships in the region.

It is a very affluent district with a median home price touching the bar as high as $600,000 versus the national average of $200,000. The township is filled with parks and hiking trails. For those looking for more traditional entertainment, Montgomery offers hundreds of shops and restaurants. 

Based on the reviews of people living here, Montgomery Township is a little bit boring but compensates for it with high-quality public education, community events held all year round, and an overall quiet and safe vibe.

Dermatology and Plastic Surgery in Montgomery Township, NJ

Montgomery Township in New Jersey doesn’t experience a lack of quality services. However, from all the businesses available in the area, Montgomery denizens especially love Dr. Eugenie Brunner for her outstanding plastic surgery and cosmetic dermatology experience. 

Treatments offered

Both locals and tourists visiting the township choose Dr. Brunner for her top-rated procedures:

Things To Do in Montgomery Township, NJ

Despite the fact that some people say the township is boring, Montgomery residents will always find something to do. The township is known for:

  • Having a tight schedule of community events. Do you feel lonely watching a movie alone? Montgomery Township Film Screening is a great place to meet new people and have fun together. Are you longing for fresh fruits and vegetables? Weekly farmer’s market provides an opportunity to shop local and catch up with neighbors. 
  • Maintaining one of the best parks in the county – Skillman Park. Easy to walk and bike, this park is one of the main hubs for both hike and picnic lovers. The park is clean and well-maintained.
  • Preserving the land with McAlpin Farm Easement. This farm takes a large chunk of Montgomery’s acreage, and everyone has a chance to visit it! With different levels of memberships, you get access to different areas and events.

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