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Italian restaurants around Rocky Hill

Sometimes we crave for some italian food like pizza and pasta, and New Jersey has a lot of Italian restaurants, which makes it not easy to locate the restaurant that fits our taste. For those who are new to the area, here are some great italian restaurants near Rocky Hill that are worth a go.

Looking for a tasty meal of Italian food with pleasant service and huge portions? Look no further as Alfonso’s Pizzeria & Restaurant is your spot. It’s a great affordable restaurant for classic Italian-American dishes. The decor is simple, so it might not be exactly a fancy dining where you’d bring a first date, but a place to meet up with friends or family for some good Italian food. The Eggplant parmesan is highly recommended, the cheese and the sauces are just so mouth-watering. Their service is always friendly and on point and the portions are so massive that everyone might be able to have some food to take home. Although they give a hearty portion size, they keep their price low. If you ever have the time, go check out Alfonso’s Pizzeria & Restaurant.

If we are talking about pizza, you wouldn’t want to miss Tino’s Artisan Pizza Co. A glass of margarita with their signature thin crust pizzas is simple, basic and delicious. It is a small place, so it can become a bit crowded but that’s what makes it unique. If you ever get a chance to visit this restaurant, you should definitely try out the amatriciana pizza, which is loaded with red onion, roasted garlic and the right amount of tomato sauce and cheese. It is strong but satisfyingly tasty. They have a variety of pizzas that can satisfy each person’s preference and great desert which you should definitely save some stomach for.

If you’re trying to impress someone or you want to go out for a special occasion, then Eno Terra is the perfect setting. It is easy to miss this restaurant when you are driving on the road, but the inside has a classy ambiance with the candlelit tables and modern decor, which really shows that they are an upscale restaurant. Their board dishes are highly recommended, and Soft Shell Crab Tagliatelle, Grilled Octopus, and the Calamari are very popular among the orders. Each dish is carefully plated by the chief, so when the waiter brings you the food, the food itself will also be visually satisfying. They have an amazing wine list and seasonal cocktails, so this would be a perfect place for you to wind down the evening.

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