Fractora RF Comprehensive Aesthetic Enhancement

1What if there was a non-surgical cosmetic enhancement method that could perform not one or two types of treatment but a wide range of aesthetic rejuvenation techniques? Introducing Fractora RF. This multi-modality device can improve your appearance in numerous ways, all without the downtime associated with surgery. Dr. Eugenie Brunner, an experienced facial plastic surgeon in Central New Jersey, offers this innovative, radiofrequency-based therapy right here at our practice. Whether you want to address common signs of aging, facial scars, stretch marks, hyperpigmentation, stubborn pockets of fat, or a combination of concerns, Fractora RF can help you achieve your cosmetic goals.

There are three main applicators, each designed for various outcomes, that can be used with the original Fractora RF system. Fractora RF is the aggregate device that combines radiofrequency energy with micro-needling to address facial and body skin concerns such as wrinkles, stretch marks, and hyperpigmentation. Forma, another tool, uses radiofrequency alone, without micro-needling, to administer thermal energy to the skin to prompt collagen production and to stimulate skin tightening. Finally, the BodyFX apparatus is designed to reduce pockets of fatty tissue with thermal heat generated by radiofrequency energy. Distinct from almost any other machine out there, the Fractora RF has equipment that can be mixed and matched to accommodate your diverse needs and goals.

Fractora RF is a unique customizable platform that offers abundant benefits. If you have additional questions about this device, or if you would like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Brunner, please contact us today.

Fractora RF Consultation

The chief benefit of Fractora RF is its ability to achieve a broad array of cosmetic goals. As a result, developing a treatment plan that best suits your individual needs and desired outcome is key. When you arrive for your initial consultation, Dr. Brunner will speak with you about your areas of concern to determine which technique or combination of techniques can optimize your results. In addition to being versatile and minimally invasive, Fractora RF and its applicators typically require minimal downtime.

Fractora RF Procedure

Fractora RF is a fractionated bipolar radiofrequency device that can resurface and tighten the skin. What makes it a bipolar technique is the combination of thermal energy, via radiofrequency, and micro-needling. By blending these two modalities, concerns such as lines, age spots, scars, and uneven texture can be made smoother and less noticeable for a younger-looking appearance. During the procedure, the handheld Fractora RF device will be drawn across your face, neck, and body as determined in your treatment plan. You may notice a “sandpaper” like sensation. Although most patients report little discomfort, we will provide a numbing solution if requested to make your experience as pleasant as possible. Depending on the size and number of areas you would like addressed, this process should take about 45 minutes.

Fractora RF can provide significant improvement and is the ideal treatment for those with mild to moderate skin laxity of the jawline and neck. This technique provides comprehensive lifting and tightening and reduces the appearance of wrinkles on the face and neck with minimal downtime.


2.1For those who require only subtle lifting and tightening, the Forma treatment delivers advanced radio-frequency thermal energy to gently tighten the skin and stimulate new collagen formation. This non-invasive, no recovery treatment, is best for those who are in their 30s or 40s and have only mild signs of aging. Forma treatments are used to soften the crow’s feet, marionette lines, and tighten the cheeks, jawline, and the upper neck. Although one treatment can provide noticeable results, a series of treatments is usually required.


3.1BodyFX is one of the most exciting new contouring techniques available. Treatment can eliminate pockets of fatty tissue that resist diet and exercise. Using thermal heat, the device attaches to an area of concern, such as the “love handles,” stomach, or thighs, and delivers radiofrequency energy into the fatty tissue. This process breaks down fat cells so that the body can eliminate them naturally. Unlike some other non-surgical fat reduction therapies that require an hour or more per region, Body FX takes about 30 minutes. Even more impressive, this technique can firm and tighten the skin while improving body contour.

Fractora Recovery

Each modality involves a slightly different recovery process, but all of them typically will be faster and more comfortable than a surgical procedure. After either Forma or BodyFX treatments you should experience little to no downtime. You may notice some redness and tenderness in the area, which should fade quickly. With Fractora RF, healing may take two to four days, depending on the depth of the micro-needling performed. You are welcome to use makeup to cover any effects—such as redness, mild swelling, and peeling—and return to normal activity when you feel comfortable.

For more information about how Fractora RF can help you achieve your cosmetic goals, contact us today. Our friendly and knowledgeable medical team can answer questions and help you schedule a consultation with Dr. Brunner.

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