Please ensure Javascript is enabled for purposes of website accessibility How Old Do You Have to Be for Ear Surgery? - Eugenie Brunner, M.D., F.A.C.S

Otoplasty, better known as ear surgery or ear pinning, is a procedure designed to correct prominent ears and address cosmetic concerns related to the size, shape, and position of the ears. This treatment is often performed on children to minimize the risk of teasing and bullying, as other kids can be quite cruel about perceived differences. Otoplasty can be performed at virtually any age, as long as the ears have finished developing. For most children, the ears are fully formed by the age of about five or six. Additionally, adults who are uncomfortable with the prominence or appearance of their ears can also be good candidates for this operation. During your initial consultation, Dr. Eugenie Brunner will evaluate your concerns, discuss your desired outcome, and develop a customized treatment plan. Her approach is designed to leave little to no sign of treatment, as the scars are located in the natural folds of the ear.

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