Ear Surgery (Otoplasty)

Probably no other physical characteristic requires facial plastic surgery more than protruding ears. Children, teens, and adults are all candidates for otoplasty. Even a mild distortion of the ears can lead to self-consciousness and poor adaptation to school. Ears that are too large, uneven, mis-shapen, or stick straight out can be corrected with a cosmetic surgical procedure called otoplasty. Not only is it possible to “pin back” the ears, but they can be molded to be in proportion and harmony to the size and shape of your face and head. Otoplasty can usually be performed after the age of six and is well tolerated by young children. By this time, the ear cartilage is relatively firm and nearly adult size.

Ear Surgery Procedure

Adults can also benefit from this procedure. If you have experienced years of poor self-esteem because of your ears, otoplasty can yield natural, desirable results and give you a whole new image with relative ease. The ears can be sculpted, reshaped, reduced in size, or made more symmetrical to give a more harmonious look to your face and head.

The procedure takes about two hours and can be done with local or general anesthesia. To perform the surgery, board certified facial plastic surgeon
Eugenie Brunner, MD makes an incision behind the ear and sculpts the cartilage. Stitches are placed in the cartilage to recreate the normal folds and contour of the ear, giving it a natural appearance. Both children and adults are able to have this procedure performed as day surgery.

After Your Ear Surgery

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There is very little pain after otoplasty. The ears may feel tender for several weeks, and some degree of bruising and swelling should be expected. After the surgery, a soft cotton bandage will be placed over the ears for several days. When this is removed, a soft head band is worn over the ears for two weeks. Children can usually return to school one week after surgery. Adults may resume normal activities in several days. Hair can be washed face days after your procedure. Strenuous activities must be avoided for three weeks after surgery.

Otoplasty is a rewarding procedure because it can yield dramatic results and restore harmony to your facial proportions. Whether performed during childhood or as an adult, it will help you look and feel better about yourself. Dr. Brunner and her staff will be happy to discuss a otoplasty with you. Please call our office (609) 921-9497 or contact us via email to schedule your private consultation.

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