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A non-surgical lip flip with Botox® has emerged as a more subtle approach to lip enhancement compared to traditional dermal fillers. This minimally invasive procedure uses the power of Botox and other neuromodulators to create a fuller, more defined pout without the added volume associated with lip fillers. Below, we will explore the intricacies of Botox lip flips, discussing their benefits, ideal candidates, and how they compare to other lip enhancement options available.

What Is a Lip Flip Botox Treatment?

A Botox lip flip involves strategically injecting small amounts of Botox into the muscle that surrounds the mouth. By carefully targeting this muscle, the treatment relaxes the upper lip, causing it to “flip” outward and appear fuller. Unlike lip fillers, which add volume to the lips, a Botox lip flip alters the muscle’s activity, creating the illusion of a more pronounced pout.

Benefits of Lip Flip Botox

A Botox lip flip offers several advantages for those seeking a subtle lip enhancement:

  • Subtly enhanced lip shape. This treatment gently rolls the upper lip outward, creating a more defined and attractive lip shape without dramatically increasing lip volume.
  • Reduced gummy smile. For individuals with a “gummy” smile, where excessive gum tissue is visible when smiling, a Botox lip flip can help minimize the appearance of gums by slightly lowering the upper lip.
  • Accentuated lip fillers. A Botox lip flip can accentuate your filler results for the perfect pout.
  • Minimized vertical lip lines. Along with enhancing your lip shape and size, this non-surgical lip flip can minimize the appearance of vertical lip lines.
  • No downtime. Compared to dermal fillers, a Botox lip flip typically requires less downtime from swelling or bruising, making it a convenient option for those with busy schedules.


Ideal Candidates for Lip Flip Botox

A lip flip with Botox is an excellent option for those who desire a subtle enhancement to their lips without the added volume of dermal fillers. Try a Botox flip flip for:


  • Thin or aging lips
  • Gummy smiles
  • Asymmetrical lips
  • Smoker’s lines
  • Downturned mouth corners
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Potential Side Effects and Risks

As with any cosmetic procedure, Botox lip flip treatments carry some potential side effects and risks. These may include:

  • Temporary numbness or tingling in the lips
  • Minor bruising or swelling at the injection sites
  • Difficulty whistling or using a straw (temporary)
  • Asymmetry or unevenness in the lip appearance (rare)

It’s essential to choose a qualified and experienced injector to minimize the risk of complications and ensure optimal results.

Lip Flip Botox Results

The effects of a lip flip with Boto typically become noticeable within a few days of the treatment, with full results typically visible within a week. The results are subtle yet significant, creating a more pronounced and attractive lip shape. Unlike lip fillers, which can last up to a year or more, the effects of a Botox lip flip generally last between 2-3 months. This makes it an ideal option for those who want to test the waters of lip enhancement without committing to a longer-lasting treatment.

Cost Considerations for Princeton

The cost of a lip flip with Botox in Princeton varies depending on the provider and the amount of Botox required to achieve the desired results.

Lip Flip Botox vs. Lip Fillers: Which One is Right for Me?

When it comes to lip enhancement, both Botox and lip fillers offer unique benefits. Lip fillers, such as Juvéderm® or Restylane®, add volume to the lips, creating a more dramatic and longer-lasting effect. They are ideal for those who desire a significant increase in lip size and are willing to commit to regular maintenance treatments.

On the other hand, Botox is perfect for those who want a more subtle enhancement focusing on lip shape rather than volume. It is also an excellent option for those who are new to lip treatments and are not ready to commit to longer-lasting treatments.

Ultimately, the choice between a lip flip with Botox and lip fillers depends on your individual aesthetic goals, anatomy, and lifestyle. A skilled cosmetic provider can help you weigh the pros and cons of each treatment or combine both procedures to enhance your smile more comprehensively.

Boost Your Smile with Lip Flip Botox in Princeton

If you’re looking to enhance your lips and achieve a more attractive, youthful-looking pout, a Botox lip flip may be the perfect solution. This innovative treatment offers a subtle yet effective way to refine your lip shape and create the illusion of fullness without the commitment of dermal fillers.

At our Princeton practice, double board-certified facial plastic surgeon Eugenie Brunner, MD, FACS, is dedicated to helping you achieve your aesthetic goals safely and effectively. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discover how Botox can enhance your smile and boost your confidence.