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When your face begins showing obvious signs of aging, you may start feeling self-conscious about the deep lines and sagging there. When the marks of age form mid-face and you have little excess skin at the jaw line and neck, the mini facelift may be your best option of making you appear younger and more rested. Also known as a mini lift or minimal incision facelift, this procedure, offered at Dr. Eugenie Brunner’s Princeton, NJ office, works best for younger patients in their forties or fifties.

Mini facelifts perform many of the same tasks as a full facelift, but the full procedure is more beneficial for those with a sagging of the neck and jowl skin. Mini facelifts can even be used after a patient has already received a full facelift as a method of further rejuvenating the face and/or neck. Candidates for this procedure must be in good health with mild to moderate lower facial and/or neck laxity. Let’s review some of the reasons mini facelifts could benefit you below.


3 Best Reasons to Consider a Mini Face Lift

  1. Detailed Consultation. The procedure for getting a mini facelift begins with a private, scheduled consultation. A full medical history will be taken, and then a physical examination will be performed. We will focus on your age, genetics, skin type, skin elasticity, skin laxity, bone structure, soft tissue volume, and facial proportion. You will be asked about your likes and dislikes concerning your face, and then will take part in creating a mutual, realistic treatment plan.
  2. Small Procedure. The incisions for the mini facelift procedure are small, and consequently the procedure is often also called an S-lift or short incision facelift. The incisions are half the size of those used in a full facelift, and this procedure also eliminates most of the incisions done behind the ears in other facelifts. Incisions are hidden behind the curve of the ear (tragus) so that no scars are visible. The muscle layer is not dissected, only tightened, so there is also less bruising and swelling.
  3. Short Recovery Time. Because this procedure is small, there is little time needed for recovery. Mini facelifts are ideal for those who want the procedure done, but do not have time to waste because of busy schedules. Most people who get this treatment done can go home the same day. There is typically not significant discomfort after the procedure, but you can be prescribed pain medication if there is any. Strenuous activity should be avoided for the first 3 weeks, and you will be provided a plan for gradually returning to normal activities. The most important part is that you will look stress-free and young without appearing to have had surgery, boosting your self-confidence.

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