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stock image of a butt for a blog about cellulite treatment in Princeton, NJThat bumpy, “cottage cheese,” look that cellulite creates is a worry for many beachgoers.

If you maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly, cellulite still won’t go away. If cellulite hinders your confidence in a bathing suit or other revealing garments, it’s a good idea to consider Cellulaze™, the first FDA-approved anti-cellulite laser treatment available at our Princeton medical spa.

Other cellulite treatments only treat the surface of cellulite, and are effective for only a few hours or days. Cellulaze™ laser treatment gets under the skin to flatten and smooth cellulite at the root of the cause.

What you need to know about Cellulaze™:

  • Cellulaze treatments take about 60-90 minutes
  • One treatment is enough to get the results you desire
  • Treatment is best suited for women who have mild-to-moderate cellulite on their thighs that maintain a healthy weight
  • Can last up to 1 year or longer
  • Thighs will feel smooth, soft, and natural
  • Results are visible immediately and increase gradually within 3-4 months of the procedure
  • Cellulaze is a minimally invasive procedure that is performed in-office on an outpatient basis
  • Cellulaze treats cellulite at the cause, and helps restructure the format of the skin to eradicate dimpling
  • Recovery is relatively short. On the day of your procedure, and the following 2 days it is recommended you rest your legs
  • A support garment will be provided to you post-procedure and should be worn up to 2 weeks for best results
  • Cellulaze visibly smooths and contours the thighs by increasing collagen in your skin and by reducing pockets of fat cells
  • This laser treatment can significantly increase confidence about your appearance in a bathing suit, shorts, or short skirts just in time for summer

Cellulaze™ Laser Treatment in Princeton, NJ

If you’re interested in Cellulaze™, or other cosmetic laser treatments we offer, contact Dr. Brunner today. Our medical spa is located in Princeton, and you can reach us directly at (609) 921-9497. We look forward to hearing from you.