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Where to eat at Rocky Hill on Sunday

When taking a trip with the family, finding a restaurant that meets everyone’s taste is always troublesome to do. Well, today is your lucky day. We are offering a restaurant guide of Rocky Hill that can save you some time and efforts when you’re enjoying your trip.

Come to Mistral for your Sunday Brunch, where you can never go wrong with their options. All meals are gorgeously plated and cooked to near perfection. There is always a great balance of flavors from the ingredients and unique sauces. A breath of fresh scent of Asian fusion will fully energize you so that you are prepared for the new week. Their salad and steak are highly recommended. They are so delicious that they will take you to the flavor town. They also have vegan and gluten free options, so even if you are a vegetarian, you would find no trouble enjoying their food.

After a lazy Sunday afternoon, how about spending your night at Eno Terra? a italian and vegetarian friendly restaurant. Their menu is ambitiously new Italian, inventively shaped, and well executed. While there aren’t too many options on the menu, each dish is carefully prepared by the chief. Their cheese board with meats is a must have, and the watermelon salad is also refreshing and delicious. You wouldn’t know red wine can match so great with their ink pasta. The bar has all the drinks you can name it, which makes it a perfect place to hang out with your friends and families.

Sometimes when you just don’t want something complex, but still want something that can satisfy your taste buds, pizza is always a good choice. And if we are talking about pizza, you wouldn’t want to miss Tino’s Artisan Pizza Co. A glass of margarita with their signature thin crust pizzas is simple, basic and delicious. It is a small place, so it can become a bit crowded but that is what makes it unique. If you ever get a chance to visit this restaurant, you should definitely try out the amarticiana pizza, which is loaded with red onion, roasted garlic and the right amount of tomato sauce and cheese. It is strong but satisfyingly tasty. They have a variety of pizzas that can satisfy each person’s preference and great desert which you should definitely save some stomach for.

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