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Bars in Rocky Hill

With the increasingly fast pace of our life, sometimes we just wish we could find a place to take a breath. A bar would be a great place for a lot of people to escape from the city’s chaos. And if you are someone who is new to Rocky Hill, here are some places where you can have a glass of wine to wind down the evening, while enjoying some great food.

On 153 Washington St, ONE 53 is an American/Euro Bistro, which features wines from around the world along with a full bar offering a variety of traditional and special cocktails. It’s a small place where people can just be themselves without concern about others. While you are enjoying your cocktails, their food is recommended. If you are going to order food, be sure to try out their corn chowder, as they use fresh super jersey corn and the chili oil on top just elevates the chowder into super deliciousness. Valet parking is offered, but there some free parking spaces at the back of the restaurant, also reservation is recommended.

Want to find a place to watch sports and have a nice beer? then The Tiger Tale is the place to go. Since its establishment in 1985, The Tiger’s Tale has been a mainstay in the Montgomery community for families to meet and enjoy good food, cold beer and share warm memories. If you are ever in the area, you should try out their cheddar burger. The fresh meat patties and the sauteed mushrooms will hit the spot along with their Long Island Iced tea. Their environment is fun and festive, and the staff are so nice that will make you feel like home.

If you’re trying to impress someone or you want to go out for a special occasion, then Eno Terra is the perfect setting. Eno Terra is not just a great restaurant to eat, but also a great place to enjoy some nice wine with your loved one or your family. While the food itself is flavorful and there are a variety of options, each dish is carefully plated by the chief. When the waiter brings you the food, the food itself will be visually satisfying. Their board dishes are highly recommended, and Soft Shell Crab Tagliatelle, Grilled Octopus, and the Calamari are very popular among the orders. Each dish goes nicely with the wine, and you probably wouldn’t even notice you are already having another bottle of wine. The inside and the outside of the restaurant are aesthetically pleasing, so if you are considering a fancy night out with your friends and families, Eno Terra would be a great choice.

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