Lip Augmentation

Many patients desire fuller, more shapely lips because of the feeling that their smile is too thin or small as a result of genetic predisposition or the natural process of aging. In some cases, individuals may experience dissatisfaction with their smile as a result of drooping at the corners of the mouth. Lip augmentation from our Central New Jersey facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Eugenie Brunner, can help to smooth fine lines, plump the lips, and enhance symmetry for a more youthful and sumptuous appearance. This non-surgical procedure utilizes the latest dermal fillers, and the appropriate method for each person will be determined during the initial consultation. Our customized treatment plans are designed to be as safe and effective as possible, while helping to produce natural-looking, beautiful results.

Similar to non-surgical facial rejuvenation procedures using cosmetic injectables, lip augmentation typically requires little to no downtime. Some redness and swelling at the injection sites is normal, and this effect should fade within a few days. Although many fillers offer long-lasting results – up to a year or more in some cases – they are designed to be temporary, and the effects will fade with time. Patients seeking to extend the results can receive occasional “touch-up” treatments.

OcuMend® Healing Patches

The sensitive skin of the lips is prone to bruising after treatment. To help minimize this effect, we offer OcuMend® nanotechnology gel pads. These healing patches can diminish signs of bruising and enhance recovery.

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