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mini facelift plastic surgery treatment princeton njA mini facelift (or minimal incision facelift) can make significant improvements to a patient’s face and neck, especially if those with mild or moderately loose skin.  This procedure, offered in our Princeton, NJ office is especially beneficial for patients who are either in their 40s or 50s.

Ideal candidates for a mini facelift are otherwise healthy individuals, who are experiencing mild to moderate loose face and neck skin. So, what are some of the best reasons for you to consider a mini face lift? Let’s take a closer look at the top three reasons to consider this treatment.

Top Three Reasons to Consider a Mini Facelift

  1. Smaller incisions. Unlike a full facelift procedure, a mini facelift procedure requires only  small incisions. The incisions used during this procedure will be about half the size of the ones used in a full facelift, and does not require incisions behind the ears. Perhaps best of all, incisions will be obscured by curve of the ear (known as the tragus) so no scarring will be visible to others. There will also be less of a risk for bruising or scarring with this procedure, since the muscle layer will not be dissected, only tightened.
  2. Personalized treatment. A mini facelift procedure will begin with a consultation. Your doctor will thoroughly evaluate your medical history, and perform a physical examination. The doctor will also evaluate your skin type, the amount of skin looseness you have, your genetics, and facial proportions. You will also be asked about what you wish to achieve through the procedure. Based on this information, the doctor will be able to develop a treatment plan just for you!
  3. Shorter recovery time. A mini facelift requires no long recovery period compared to the recovery period of a regular facelift, making it ideal for patients who have busy schedules. In fact, most patients can return home the same day as the surgery!  While strenuous activity should be avoided for several weeks after a mini facelift, there is little discomfort associated with the procedure. Patients can be prescribed medication for any pain. Mini facelifts will leave a patient feeling rejuvenated and more confident about their appearance!

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